UltraCompare Professional

UltraCompare Professional 17.00

Performs text, binary and folder comparisons, thus cleaning your PC

UltraCompare Professional is a program that can be used to perform text, directories and folder comparisons, for cleaning up your computer.
The installation process goes smoothly but it might take up to five minutes.

The interface comes with a default dark theme and though it may seem complicated at first sight, it becomes simpler after a couple of minutes. One thing that worths mentioned is that the interface is completely themeable, every individual having the possibility to create and use its own theme. You just have to create it and then send a pull request on GitHub or contact the support team.

UltraCompare Professional has numerous features, such as "Binary Compare" or "Text Compare", providing the option to merge changes together, so that no information is lost in the process.

The compare functions work very well over FTP, you simply have to open FTP, select your connection or create a new one. It's ideal for the quick checking of local files and folders against information on the server.

More, the powerful document handler allows you can compare Word, Excel or PDF files by simply adding them to the main screen.
It also offers the option to compare the contents of a file archive without having to extract it. Can support ZIP, RAR, and JAR files, no extra setup being required.

All in all, UltraCompare Professional is a great document comparison tool, that can be used either by professionals or by regular users, being highly customizable and having lots of comparison functions.

John Saunders
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  • Offers file comparison over FTP
  • Supports archive comparison
  • Has a merging function


  • The installation takes several minutes
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