UltraCompare Professional

UltraCompare Professional

UltraCompare Professional is a folder and file compare application
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UltraCompare Professional is a useful utility that allows you to compare and merge files, folders, directories and .zip archives. In other words, by using this piece of software, you are able to compare and merge two or three different files at the same time. As a professional tool, this application also supports comparing .zip archives, Word documents, network directories, as well as file synchronizing and duplicate file identifying.

This application allows developers to spare precious time when it comes to files comparison or merge. Moreover, by using this application, one may identify new features of upgrades for previously installed programs. You are further able to easily identify copies of documents or folders, without performing the “classical” time-consuming search. All you have to do in this respect is access the “Find Duplicates” option located under the "File” menu, and then select your desired search criteria. As far as the latter are concerned, there are four options: name, size, dates and content, with the possibility to ignore case or ignore file extension. Also, you can compare previous backups with the current one, so as to be sure that no files were lost.

Despite its wide variety of features, this piece of software is simple to use, addressing both experienced computer users and novices. Furthermore, its graphics are quite simple, probably because UltraCompare Professional's developers focused mainly on its functionality, rather than on its appearance. All of these details recommend the program as one of the most reliable tools available for its designated purpose.

Mario Procione
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  • Easy to use
  • FTP directory compare
  • Allows two or three files compare at the same time


  • The installation process might take a little long
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